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Tian Meng

Spanish Instructor

蒙田是一名中文、西班牙语双语教师。在中国获得西班牙语语言文学的学士学位。她曾在中国国家行政学院的拉美官员公共管理研讨会上担任中西文翻译,同时在孔子学院暑期交流项目中教授中国传统文化课程。Tian作为交换生在西班牙圣地亚哥-德孔波斯特拉学习语言学期间,在语言机构 "A Casa das Linguas "教授儿童英语课程。2019年,Tian获得了教学设计与技术专业的硕士学位。凭借多语言教育和培训的背景,她拥有丰富的教学经验,并与具有不同文化和种族背景的学生一起学习和工作。目前,Tian在弗吉尼亚当地中文学校做志愿者,教授不同水平的母语及非母语学生中文。Tian的教学设计以情景学习为基础,利用高度互动的活动,帮助学生更有效地达到目标,尤其是在口语交流能力方面。

Tian Meng is a bilingual teacher, originally from China where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and literature. She worked as a Chinese-Spanish translator at the China National School of Administration for the Seminar of Public Administration of Latin American Officials, meanwhile teaching Chinese Traditional Culture class at the Institution of Confucius Summer Exchange Program. Tian also teaches kids English at the language institution “A Casa das Linguas” while studying linguistics as an exchange student in Spain, Santiago de Compostela. In 2019, Tian earned her master's degree in Instructional Design and Technology. With a background in multi-language education and training, she has rich experience teaching and working with students with diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Currently, Tian is volunteering at the local Chinese School in Virginia teaching heritage and non-heritage students Chinese on different levels. Tian’s teaching design is based on situated learning and using highly interactive activities to help students to reach their goals in a more efficient way, especially in communication proficiency.

Tian Meng
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