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About Us


    天使教育秉承规范办学、诚信第一的办学宗旨;坚持精品化、专业化、小班化教学,侧重于培养尊严、荣誉、尊重和正直的核心价值观,以学生先前的经验为基础,并鼓励学生讨论、分析和实践已学的知识。我们鼓励学生成为知识的追寻者、价值观的笃信者、以及最后成长为世界的改变者。无论您是谁,无论在何处,“从这里出发”,从Mainline Angel Education开启您的新航程。


    我们开设的特色课程有舞蹈、FIRST 系列机器人竞赛教育、书法、数学、英语、西班牙语、以及中文等课程。

    Adhering to the standardized curriculum and integrity-first educational philosophy, Angel Education offers high-quality, professional, and small-class instruction to cultivate the core values ​​of dignity, honor, respect, and integrity. Based on students' previous experience, we encourage each student to discuss, analyze and practice what they have learned. We also exhort kids to become intellectually curious, morally upright, and eventually, world-changing individuals. You can begin your new journey here from Mainline Angel Education, regardless of who you are or where you are.


    We provide a variety of age-appropriate dance classes as well as FIRST robot competition education, Calligraphy, Math, English, Spanish, and Chinese lessons.



Meet Our Teachers

Classes We Offer

​Robotics 机器人编程课

Building a Robot

Dance 舞蹈


THe Art of Writing

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